Collateral Realities

Being a mom is a hard job, but technology is changing that reality by making business and travel more manageable. Bridging the gap collaterally is the concept of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This writing will explore how motherhood, business, travel, and SEO find an intersection point in the modern world.

Let’s start with the concept of maternity leave, and the concept of remote productive infrastructure. Today, 1 in 4 Americans work remotely. It turns out decentralized infrastructure actually saves a lot of businesses money while increasing how productive they can be.

It depends on the industry, but the result is, moms have a real opportunity to be a full-time mother and a full-time career woman simultaneously without compromising either office. Remote, work-from-home infrastructure facilitates that. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (Iot), and new innovations in communications tech like Zoom facilitate as much.

Online Navigation

Increasingly, decentralized infrastructure is defining society. Lockdowns and associated political realities have led people to lean on gig economy solutions for needs that would otherwise require travel. This means instead of shopping, people find their preferred search engine, type in what they want, then buy what seems best—even as regards services.

A nursing mother having trouble producing milk will likely turn to the internet, conducting search queries to find solutions for her issue. The business that supplies breast milk supply solutions will need to anticipate the needs of new moms as regards search terms and design marketing accordingly. That’s how SEO helps drive traffic.

Technological innovation is making it possible for people to do more with less at greater convenience and value overall. Given the rates of inflation presently, it’s paramount to maximize all resources. Especially if you’re a new mom, you need to know how the web really works, and what potential it brings to your parenting ability.

The Numbers Show the Way

You’re going to lose 663+ hours of sleep in the first year you’re a mom. If you have a commute that’s twenty minutes one way, that’s 173.16 hours a year; hours for which you’re not getting paid, in which you could be resting alongside your child to awaken refreshed and more capable. Plus, there’s gas and vehicular wear and tear to consider,.

If we suppose 35 miles per hour (for in-town transit), you’re looking at a minimum of 6,060 miles just for your commute yearly. The current 2022 mileage rate from the IRS is 58.5 cents per mile; when you account for other costs to drive a car like insurance or repairs. That’s $3,545.10 just for a short annual commute.

Learning how to navigate SEO web design through a remote at-home job will save you $3,545.10 a year, plus 173.16 hours in drive time (or thereabouts, depending on commute). You can drop sleep loss to under 500 hours. As a new mom, a career that pays $3.5k less, but is at-home, actually puts more money in your pocket.

The point with all this? If you’re a new mom, or you’re thinking of becoming a mom, it pays to look into remote work and learn how to take advantage of SEO marketing design.