Whether you already have a bong or this is your first, it’s important to understand the differences between each type. Ultimately, you want to buy a bong that suits your wants and needs.

One of the most common questions most people ask is, “What is the difference between a percolator and a regular bong?” And if you are wondering the same, you have come to the right article.

But first, let’s go back to the basics for those of you who are just starting to smoke.

There are various types of get a bong here with different designs and features.

What is Bongo?

Most of us have heard of a bong, but do you know what it is? Even if you think so, it’s worth redefining it.

A bong is a container, often made of glass, plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, or even pieces of fruit, that filters herb smoke using water. Once you light the bong and start inhaling through the mouthpiece, you will see the smoke start to bubble in the water. Within seconds, the same smoke will fill the main chamber.

When you pull out the bottom stem or remove your finger from the strainer hole, also called the trigger, the pressure inside the bong will change, allowing you to inhale the smoke that has collected in the bong. The bubbling of the smoke through the water will make the smoke thicker and cleaner. And that’s why the sooner you take the hit, the better!

What makes a percolator bong unique?

The main difference between a regular bong and a bong with percolators is that a percolator bong has one or more chambers containing water. Any type and number of filters separate each chamber so that the smoke is filtered more than once before you are hit.

Result? A smoother, thicker, more condensed hit that is much more enjoyable for the user. A richer smoke characterizes percolator bongs and ultimately makes them more enjoyable for users around the world.

On a less important level, percolation bongs look cool too! So if you want to be the envy of all your smoker friends, a percolation bong is your best choice!

Advantages of a percolator bong

Now that you have an idea of ​​what percolator bongs are, what are the benefits of percolator bongs? The best percolator bongs offer cooler smoke and a smoother smoke without the need to purchase additional bong accessories. So why do smokers enjoy this smoking experience more than a regular bong? These are the percolator pros every stoner should know about.

Additional filtration

The purpose of a percolation bong is to provide extreme diffusion and filtration, which makes it the main reason for using it instead of regular bongs. It’s rare to hear that there are too many percolators, so why not use a bong that provides cool filtration and diffusion with every hit? While there are many smoking accessories available on the market, even basic percolators provide maximum filtration

Better smoking experience

Many users report that the smooth smoke produced by a matrix percolator or honeycomb percolator provides a much better smoking experience than the average water pipe. Anyone can smoke and smoke, but percolator bongs are a step up from the average smoking setup and are therefore in a league of their own.

Cooler hits

In addition to diffusion, percolator bongs also provide cooler effects, depending on which percolator you use. As mentioned earlier, coil percolators are best for providing cooler hits as some can be prepared with glycerin and removed and placed in the freezer for quicker cooling. This mimics putting ice cubes into a bong, except it’s a much cleaner and smoother setup that will leave you and your friends impressed and unable to smoke from anything else. The quality is second to none!

Remember, if you are looking at a water bong with percolators you need to find the type of percolator that best suits you. Between wooden percolator bongs, inline percolator bongs, etc., you may have your hands full with options but isn’t that a good thing? The growing popularity of these bongs is due to its creative innovation and variations from the conventional bongs and pipes. Percolators provide the best overall experience because continuous filtration and diffusion is difficult to achieve with other systems. Check out the best percolator bongs for sale and check out the best ones to get to go home with you! On top of percolator bongs, there are endless accessories for bongs like bong cups and attachments to attach to carts as well. Open the door to the unlimited choice of percolator bongs and expand your stoner experiences like never before.