Since the rise in popularity of eCommerce stores in the “dotcom bubble,” there has been a lot of changes that took place. Today, almost every business that sells products or provides services to other enterprises has their own online shops, from start-up brands to multinational companies. Needless to stay, the power of eCommerce has only doubled in recent years, and it is safe to say that there’s no stopping it anytime soon.

As the digital market continues to advance, it is impossible for search engine algorithms to be left outdated. The constant updates and increasing revisions they go through prompted the need for every eCommerce SEO agency to branch out into specialized services. This is to maintain the quality of their work and ensure that websites are optimized in accordance with the new algorithms.

With that, let’s list down some of the common specialized SEO services that have been developed since then.

  • On-page SEO. Based on its name, this type of service deals with everything that is related to your page or website. It identifies which aspects of your site can still be improved. This includes its appearance, title tags, meta tags, content quality, URLs, and other technical elements. Its distinct feature is that experts can focus on elements that can be controlled. They enhance your site’s performance to the fullest so it can rank higher than your competition.
  • Off-page SEO. This is in contrast with the first one. It encompasses factors that SEO professionals have no control over. In particular, they can help you invite authority sites to visit and check out your website content in order to establish backlinks but they cannot manipulate in any way the authority sites’ response to it. They are also unable to prevent the ones who decide to link to your site. Same goes for social media engagements. They can only encourage people to share your post but they cannot really influence how viral it gets.
  • Local SEO. Also just like its name, it focuses on a specific locality and employs strategies in order to strengthen your website’s online presence. This specialized service is beneficial for small and local businesses since SEO experts aim to achieve the top rankings for your brand when potential customers are in close proximity to you and search businesses similar to yours. They guide you while optimizing your Google My Business listing and building your citations that include your business name, address, phone number, and website.
  • SEO Audits. SEO audit services handle and assess your website in general, including on-page and off-page factors. Experts in this area give you their overall analysis of your website and your analytics as well so you can further boost its performance and rank higher. They give priority to evaluating your website’s back-end factors, front-end factors, and link quality and outside references. In addition, they also point out error pages, page loading time, and browser and resolution compatibility.
  • Link Building. Links are one of the main factors that search engines primarily take into consideration when ranking websites. Thanks to various technological developments, Google has managed to distinguish which links are credible enough and which ones are not. This is why an eCommerce SEO agency also offers link building services. They are in charge of bringing links from other websites to your own content since increasing both quantity and quality of inbound links is essential for pushing to higher ranks.

As a matter of fact, all of these specialized services are equally significant in optimizing your site. Cultivating effective communication and coordination among such types paves the way for successfully attracting your target buyers and boosting your sales.